Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday!

As most of you know, I rarely get into politics here... but if you read between the lines, then most of you probably know how I stand. That said, more than anything I hope each and every one of you that has the opportunity to vote today does their civic duty. Voting is your right and privilege and your opportunity to be heard. No matter what your affiliation, don't waste it!


Today is also a "Super Tuesday" musically as perhaps the year's most anticipated release to date, Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love" officially goes for adds at radio today. 21 contemporary pop stations have already jumped the gun and added "Bleeding Love" to their rotations, good enough to get it to #62 on the Pop chart. The spins should start to rise VERY swiftly starting today! After spending seven weeks at number one in the U.K. and breaking all kinds of records there and all over the world, the sky is truly the limit here for "Bleeding Love" and the rest of Leona's music here in the States!


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