Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Ramblings...

I have a lot on the mind, and for some reason just haven't been able to focus on just one thing to blog about today. Sports-wise, we finally have a coach in D.C. as former Seattle Seahawks QB and offensive coordinator Jim Zorn has agreed to coach the Redskins. Meantime, the Wizards (who just a few weeks ago were doing fine without "Agent Zero") have suddenly lost seven straight games! Man I wanted them to beat the Phoenix Suns sooooo bad last night! So close! Then again, with the Shaq trade (which will soon be infamous), the Suns probably will be eclipsed by the Lakers in the standings VERY soon! Speaking of my L.A. Lakers basketball team, they beat Shaq's old team 104-94 yesterday for their fifth win in seven games on their current road trip. Just two more games to go to finish off the season-long nine game road trip before they get to come back home to the friendly confines of Staples Center - FINALLY!

I'll throw a little golf in here too since there was no tournament to concede to Tiger this weekend. Just how often to you see Vijay Singh have a meltdown on the golf course? Well, it happened yesterday as he bogeyed three straight holes on the back nine at Pebble Beach to give away what seemed to be a sure win. Steve Lowery picked up his first win (and third of his career) since 2000 as he birdied the first extra hole of a playoff.

Did any of you catch the Grammy Awards last night? Can you say TRAIN WRECK? Alicia Keys was good both with and without John Mayer. Carrie Underwood was good... John Groban and Andrea Bocelli were good (though not my thing), Kanye West (not at all my favorite person) was surprisingly good, while John Fogerty, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis put on a very memorable performance... other than that, it was the same ol' boring Grammy show we've become accustomed to - yes, Clive's party was A LOT better!


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