Wednesday, February 27, 2008

America's Bleeding Love For Leona!

Yes, I know it's only been four days since my last Leona Lewis update, but things are moving rather swiftly here in America as "Bleeding Love" continues to make waves EVERYWHERE!

Since I last wrote, "Bleeding Love" has ascended to #21 on the iTunes chart. Up 11 more spots the past four days! Yes, the cracking top 20 seems to be just a matter of hours away!

The radio airplay story on "Bleeding Love" continues it's slow, yet steady development. It's now up to #35 on the Mediabase pop chart, despite being played on barely half of the nation's major top 40 music stations. It's a similar story on the rhythmic chart, where it's at #47 on the chart with less than 30% of the panel's reporters playing it. Long story short is there's A LOT of room for growth for "Bleeding Love" here on American radio, and once the buzz really starts getting huge, watch out!

The video outlets are also continuing to HUGELY be into Leona. VH1 is showing the video for "Bleeding Love" twice a day, and now even FUSE TV has begun playing it!

Some of you have asked me how to best support Leona. I have received several good suggestions and ideas from many of you. I'll mix them in with some of mine and with our combined efforts, we can really make this bird fly!

For starters, if you have not already done so, please spend a dollar or so buy "Bleeding Love" off of iTunes or some similar site.

Also, if you happen to be one of the lucky ones who is hearing "Bleeding Love" on your local radio station, tell them how much you LOVE the song and also make sure to request it! If your station isn't playing it yet, politely ask them to start!

Another great way to support "Bleeding Love" is to vote for her on weekly on VH1's top 20 video countdown. The first week out, she got enough votes to be #7 in the countdown!!! Last week though, she didn't make the top 20! So, let's get to voting and get her back on the countdown where she belongs!

Leona also has a Myspace and a Facebook account, so add her as a friend and also get "Bleeding Love" on your profile so that your friends, family and other visitors can hear it!

If you happen to be a fellow blogger, make links to Leona's official website and also Leona's AMAZING fansite as I've done!!! On these two sites you can listen to all of Leona's music, see pictures of her, and discuss her on forums and much much more!

Lastly, and definitely not least spread the word to anyone and everyone not covered in the above - tell your friends and family about this GREAT new artist you've "discovered." If you can bring your IPOD to work with you and listen to it like me, make sure you let all of your co-workers get a listen to her amazing set of pipes!

Also, don't forget to mark April 8, 2008 on your calendar - this is when Leona's long-awaited Spirit album will finally be available for purchase here in the States! You can also pre-order Spirit here on


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Jen said...

hi john...i was visiting my aunt yesterday and we were up at the mall near where she lives..and we were walking thru and i thought of you. why you ask? well..cuz u are john john. thats why! but also because they were promoting Leona Lewis on the flat screen Tvs throughout the hallways of the mall! I cant wait for her album to come out and i love how you have the link to her video on your blog here. you are the coolest!!! hope you had a great weekend!!!