Thursday, February 7, 2008

Debunking The Mitchell Report - Part II

The more I hear on the Mitchell Report and the more information that I gather, the more I believe Roger Clemens. I've never been a big fan of "the Rocket," but as I continue to do research and find articles online regarding the report, I'm not finding a thing to substantiate anything that Brian McNamee is claiming. For example, in this article on pages 2 and 3 of the January 6th Boston Globe, former major league players Wade Boggs and Mike Boddicker both seem to believe that "the Rocket" is innocent.

Boggs, who was a friend of McNamee's while a member of the Yankees, said of Clemens "It's an absolute shame that work ethic would come into question. The one thing I'll say through all of this is, as far as I can tell, only one significant big-name player has actually tested positive for steroids and that's Rafael Palmeiro. You can't hang somebody on speculation. Until they have a vial of blood and he's 100 percent guilty, then it's all speculation."

Boddicker went a lot further in his defense of Clemens, stating "I tell you right now, I've seen Roger Clemens get injected with a B-12 vitamin shot. I was in the trainer's room back in Boston when the trainer injected him. Unless B-12 is illegal, I'm believing Roger. If it's this guy's word against Roger, I'll go with Roger every time. I had a locker right next to him in Boston and I can tell you this was the most dedicated athlete I've ever been around. The reason he had to take the B-12 was because he overworked himself. People say he's still performing past 40 and he must be doing something. Well, Nolan Ryan did it."

One thing I would like to make VERY clear here is that IF the Rocket is guilty of doing something wrong, then by all means he needs to pay the price. Right now, we still have nothing but speculation on him. McNamee turned in "evidence" to federal investigators yesterday that he claims will confirm "the Rocket" used steroids and HGH. My question is, can you trust McNamee? Do you know how easy would it be to conveniently mix your syringes, one with B-12 and Clemens DNA, and the other with a banned substance just to prove your point? As a result, ANYONE who McNamee injected, whether it was B-12, steroids, HGH or whatever he used could be implicated provided he has syringes from these players with their DNA.


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