Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Leona Lewis Shines on Oprah!

I knew Oprah would fall in love with her after her appearance... and boy did she ever - and so did her fans! U.K. singing sensation Leona Lewis was on the Oprah Winfrey show yesterday and pretty much blew everyone away with her performance of her hit single "Bleeding Love." Simon Cowell of American Idol fame here in the U.S. proudly introduced Leona for her first ever live performance in front of a studio audience. Simon and Leona were on the first twenty minutes or so of the show. Oprah said "you're the real deal, girl!" Yes, she REALLY loved Leona! You can check out the entire interview and performance here (thanks to Gene from the fansite): Leona performs Bleeding Love on the Oprah Winfrey Show in the U.S.. For a full recap of the show and the entire first 20 minutes, check out MJ's Big Blog.

Just how big of an impact did the Oprah performance have on sales of "Bleeding Love" on iTunes? Well, prior to the show, she had a very narrow lead over Usher's "Love In This Club," for the #1 spot, but now that lead has grown to the point where "Bleeding Love" is almost getting twice as many downloads now as Usher's song!!! Additionally, you can visit your local Target today and get a physical copy of the single! It's hard to find physical singles here in the states these days, so this is an added bonus!

Also, you can now vote for Leona on Jojo's top 9 at 9 on KIIS FM here in L.A!!! Vote as many times as your heart desires! We want to see "Bleeding Love" turn the L.A. airwaves RED!!!


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