Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A 5-day Weekend!

Finally, yes finally I've started to take some of my well-earned vacation time from work. Due to all of the fantasy baseball leagues I'm involved in (all of which usually draft in late March), I like to have some time off so I can fully prepare for my drafts. This year is no different, except I will have a couple of other things on my mind as well. First and foremost of course is tomorrow night as I get to see Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban in concert at the Honda Center. Oh, it's gonna be fun! Over the coming days expect a nice blog about the concert, another Leona Lewis update - did I mention my "top 40" station 102.7 KIIS FM actually added her this week???!!! Given they don't play many mainstream pop records, this was a VERY pleasant surprise! I'm also hoping that I will get a chance to post about fantasy baseball as well and some players I think will be great sleepers, and others who I think will be overrated. And well, that other March Madness gets under way next week, and this Sunday is when we know officially the 65 teams that will be making it into the tournament. Yes, March is ALWAYS an exciting month, and this one is no different!


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