Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter & My 1 Year Anniversary!

I just wanted to wish each and every one of you a very safe and blessed Easter.

Kind of ironically, today also marks the one year anniversary of this blog! Has it really been a year? 440 entries later and I'm still going strong! I really had no idea when I started this thing that I'd still be doing this today and that I would be so prolific in writing. I guess I have a lot to say on the subjects that I'm truly passionate about - sports and music.

There are a few people I'd like to personally thank for their support, encouragement and suggestions...

Casey Donovan. Casey is a young friend of mine who had a blog of his own for a time. A fellow fantasy baseball player, he pretty much drilled it into my head that I would be a good blogger for a good two months last year before I actually began this thing.

Dan Christopherson. Like Casey, Dan is a felllow fantasy baseball (and football) player and great friend. We've been in leagues together for almost 10 years now! Dan provided a lot of the imputus for getting this whole thing started. I first ran this blog idea by him a few years ago... He's a great guy, a great family man and someone I can always count on for support. Now Dan, just please let me beat you in our G2K fantasy baseball league this year! :)

Kate Michael. I have to admit that seeing Kate's blog really helped give me some ideas on how to add some personality and style to my writing. Kate was actually one of my first readers, and has always been supportive and encouraging of my work. Also, I need to thank Kate, Bill, her family and friends for helping make all of my trips to D.C. this past year such fun and enjoyable experiences. I hope to get back there again one of these days soon!

To everyone else... other friends and family scattered everywhere... Amy, Jen, Paula, Katie, Vinman, Reg, Barb, Sarah, Jon, the Daves, Bryan and so many more... special thanks to Carrie Underwood, Leona Lewis and Jennifer Paige for just being the great musicians and people you are and the inspiration for so many of my music blogs... Ron Shandler of Baseball HQ for helping drive my passion for fantasy baseball and leading me to soooooo many titles over the past few years! Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog - thanks for for publishing me last year in the Post and also for your fun and witty columns... It's always enjoyable to read the Bog!

I know there are a lot of other people to thank, but I have another fantasy baseball draft coming up in a few hours, so I better get to studying! Thanks again so much for reading and as always if you have suggestions or ideas for future blogs please write me and leave comments!


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