Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Brett Favre Retires

I was so hoping that intercepted pass in the NFC title game against the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants would not be the last pass we ever saw #4 in that Green Bay uniform throw. Deep inside though, I had a feeling that it was. Yesterday, perhaps the greatest quarterback to ever play the game called it a quits after 17 great years. Few athletes have played at a level and with the passion that Brett Favre did for his entire career. When you watched him out in the field, you always got the impression that you were watching a kid who happened to be in an adult's body. Favre's joy and enthusiasm was very contagious. Even those who rooted against him had to admire and respect how he played the game. A great player, and an ever greater human being. He will now get to spend time with his lovely wife Deanna and their family.

As for Favre's accomplishments as an NFL Player, they speak for themselves. The most important NFL records he has set: 257 consecutive starts at quarterback, 61,655 yards passing, and 442 touchdowns. He has countless other marks as well, but what we will be remembered for the most for winning the Super Bowl in 1997 and for the way he played the game and lived his life. #4, thanks for all of the memories! We're going to miss you!


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