Monday, January 21, 2008

Some Monday Ramblings...

... I'm actually still a little stunned that the New York Giants are actually playing in the Super Bowl. I did mention to as many people who would listen to me at work, that the NFC Championship was wide open after Dallas and Green Bay struggled down the stretch. I didn't see Seattle making any waves, but under the right circumstances, I could see any of the other five teams advancing.

One thought has been in my mind ever since Eli Manning began his remarkable turnaround against the Patriots a few weeks ago: Where art thou, Tiki Barber???!!! Remember how just five months ago, the retired Barber questioned Manning's leadership abilities, and how Manning responded back?

You may be curious as to how many times did the New York Giants get to the Super Bowl in the 10 years Tiki Barber was there? The answer is one. Super Bowl XXXV seven years ago when the Giants were roundly trounced by the Baltimore Ravens by a 34-7 score. Yes Tiki, what goes around comes around!!! Eli's doing a fine job of leading, is he not?

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