Thursday, January 10, 2008

PGA Players Siding With Tilghman...

... as the saga continues... I'm hoping the Golf Channel will do the right thing and reinstate Kelly Tilghman IMMEDIATELY to her position as co-anchor on their telecasts. Here are some comments from some of the PGA Tour's players:

"There was no ill intent at all. I think it was just a slip, and they said that Tiger has already forgiven her. I think when you're in the TV tower for that many hours, you're going to wish you didn't say some things probably, and that was one thing that slipped out. I think you've got to give them a little grace.

"Her integrity, how Kelly is respected out here, is pretty good. I think Tiger really likes Kelly, so that helped squash it. Because Tiger could have run off with that if he took it the wrong way. But he didn't, so that was good
." - Fred Funk

"I'm sure Kelly wishes she never said that. I haven't spoken with Tiger, but I've been told that they've had their talk and they've discussed it. Anything I say is kind of just like pouring salt in the wound at this point. Obviously, she would love to not have said that and for it not to be news. I'm glad that her and Tiger spoke." - Jim Furyk

... more to come on this one, and more player's comments as I find them. What would be really nice would be for Tiger himself to make a statement.


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