Friday, November 23, 2007

Safe & Sound In DC!

Hey all:

Just a quick note to everyone that I made it safely into Washington, D.C. The plane ride from LAX to St. Louis went smoothly - I was there just long enough to watch #1 ranked LSU go down to the Arkansas Razorbacks by a 50-48 score in triple overtime. That just throws another monkey wrench into the whole BCS this year. Is there going to be a #1 that can hang on to the ranking for ANY length of time??? Well, not in 2007 it seems! I grabbed a quick bite at the Chili's in the airport and then we took off a little before 7 p.m local time. Our plane made it into Reagan National about an hour and a half later at just about 9:30 pm (we changed one time zone)... Unfortunately, I missed the Metro from Reagan National to Fargo by about two minutes, so I had to suffer through the barely above-freezing temperatures outside the airport for a little over 15 minutes - good thing for me I brought plenty of warm clothes... Was it really 76 here yesterday???!!! But alas, I am now safe, sound and warm and ready to do some cheering for Kate tomorrow at Miss DC USA after a good night of sleep!

As for tomorrow and the pageant, I'm not exactly sure how everything is going to work. I know the preliminaries are at 2pm, and the finals are at 7pm. If there's some down time in between, I may try to sneak in a blog entry and maybe some pictures...


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