Saturday, November 17, 2007

A "Carrific" Friday!

As I went about my normal business yesterday morning of getting up around 4:15am and posting the latest music chart information on Carrie Underwood's official site, I had little idea of what an odds-defying day it would turn out to be - and there would be a lot of Carrie involved in those odds. After some pancakes and a couple of cups of coffee, I headed off to the 24 Hour Fitness for 30 minutes of cardio. Those of you that know me well know that I love to listen to the radio in the car and I'm a compulsive "button puncher"... I'm always looking for the best song on the radio - my 12 presets get A LOT of work in my typical day... Anyways, I take the short drive to the gym and much to my surprise, Carrie's new song "Ever After" from the Enchanted movie soundtrack is playing on one of my two country stations, KKGO a little after 6:30 am. It's the first time I'd ever heard it on the radio. I got out of the gym right about 7:10 am, and I flip on the radio and turn to my other country station, KHAY and Carrie's current #2 hit "So Small" starts playing.

After getting home, showering, making lunch and getting ready for work and my 9-6 shift, I hit the road again at 8:30 am and sure enough, not even 10 minutes later, another Carrie song, "Wasted," is playing on KHAY...

I decided not to venture out anywhere during my lunch hour from 1-2 pm, instead opting to hang out with some friends in the computer room and then watching my friend Kate Michael and company in the latest edition of Just Another Sports Show...

After that very enjoyable experience, it was back to work for me... I got off at 6 pm sharp, got to the car two minutes later and what do you know, but Carrie's on the radio again with her remake of the Pretender's "I'll Stand By You" playing on the new 104.3 MY FM.

The half hour drive from work in Oxnard to the Stornetta home in Moorpark took the typical 30 minutes... It was another Friday night of poker for me, Ken & Bethany (the Stornettas) and my other longtime friend Chris Silvester... and for the first time in quite a while, I ended up coming in first! What was really odd about the night (in addition to me getting an inordinate number of good hands for once), was that on one hand Ken and I both were dealt "pocket 10's"... of course, there was no way to pair up with anything else on the table and since Chris and Bethany were both long out of the hand it was just between Ken and me... Needless to say, we were all a little shocked when we flipped our cards to show our matching pairs of 10's! I won't even try to get into the odds of that one, all I know is I've never seen it happen in all of the nights I've been playing poker over the years with my friends...

Our night of poker ended right about 11pm, and after parting ways, Chris and I hit the road to go our separate ways to head home... I hit the road about 11:10, and around 11:20 I'm flipping through the stations on the radio again and guess who I hear? Yes, it's Carrie again and "I'll Stand By You" is on 104.3 MY FM again!

So lets sum this all up... five different road excursions, total time driving about 1 1/2 hours, and I hear exactly one Carrie song on the radio each time... you throw in those dueling "pocket 10's" that Ken & I had during poker and it makes me wonder if it's time for me to purchase a lottery ticket??? Hey, the Lakers actually beat the Detroit Pistons last night too, so I guess anything's possible these days!


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