Thursday, November 22, 2007

Off to the Miss DC USA Pageant!

So are you all ready for Black Friday??? I for one am not. Then again, I've never really been one to partake in that little tradition... I'm one of those who most years would rather just sit back, enjoy the day off from work, catch up on my sleep a little and then watch all of the news reports of the people shopping and spending lots of money that they probably don't have!

As most you reading this probably know, I'll be doing something a little different for this year's Black Friday - I'm gonna take to the air! I'll head to LAX mid-morning to fly out to DC... After a plane change in St. Louis, I should arrive at Reagan Airport a little before 10pm EST. Lord, Metro & weather willing, I should be in my hotel room at the Best Western in Georgetown a little before 10:30pm... On Saturday afternoon, I'll be heading off to the JW Marriott hotel for the 2008 Miss DC USA pageant to support my friend Kate Michael as she competes. I'm sure hoping that Kate can complete that double of winning both the the Miss DC America and the Miss DC USA pageants... Two nights from now, about this time we should be close to knowing if she pulls it off! GO KATE!!!


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