Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jimmy Rollins Wins NL MVP

In the closest race in 16 years, Jimmy Rollins was today named the Most Valuable Player in the National League. Matt Holliday of the Colorado Rockies finished second, only 17 points behind Rollins. Yesterday, Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees took the American League MVP award with a near unanimous vote - most people had conceded A-Rod the award long before the season was over... Congratulations to both Jimmy and A-Rod on their amazing 2007 seasons and their MVP awards!



lil jimmy said...

Nice job by Rollins. I feel bad for Eric Brynes. It was a travesty of justice that he came in 11th. Talk about highway robbery.

Ladies dont forget to WOW tomorrow. Its wednesday you know.



John C said...

Thanks for the comments, lil jimmy...

As for Byrnes, he should have been in the All-Star game and got dissed there and now his '88 Gibson-like performance gets all but overlooked. At least a few of us know just how valuable his 2007 season was. Without him, the D-Backs are probably a 70 win team.