Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Sad Wednesday...

During the past week, baseball player Joe Kennedy and football star Sean Taylor both passed away. Although both of these deaths were tragic and sad, they didn't hit me as hard as a couple more passings I found out about yesterday.

Early yesterday afternoon, I found out one of my co-workers, Patricia "Patty" Rubio succumbed to the effects of cancer. She was only 44 years old. Patty had beaten cancer once, and was in remission, but the cancer returned a few years ago. Patty was someone you instantly liked when you met her. Her kind heart, bubbly spirit and wonderful smile would always brighten anyone's day. The last time I saw Patty was about a year ago. She still seemed as cheery and determined as ever to beat the cancer. Sadly, she lost that battle on Monday. Patty, you will be missed!

Later in the afternoon, I received an eMail from my church, Cornerstone Community. A couple of months ago, my pastor, Frances Chan announced to the congregation that his beautiful wife Lisa was expecting another child. I even remember seeing Lisa after that Sunday morning 9 a.m. service and telling her congratulations. They were so full of joy. Sadly, they found out on Monday when she was having an ultrasound that the child had died a couple of weeks ago. Francis and Lisa are two great examples of people of integrity - they truly walk the walk and live the life. They are genuine and authentic. I truly feel for them, because they are family to all of us that are part of the congregation.

Please keep the Rubios and the Chans, their families and friends in your thoughts and prayers...


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