Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weaving His Webb

Orel Hershisher is hearing footsteps. I remember it almost as if it were yesterday as the Dodgers' ace pitched 10 innings on September 28, 1988 at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego against the Padres to break the late Don Drysdale's record of 58 consecutive scoreless innings. "Bulldog," as Hershiser was called, began the streak with 4 scoreless innings in Montreal against the Expos on August 30 of that year... He would then pitch an amazing five consecutive shutouts before his extra inning effort to break the record.

It was really neat to witness history as a young Dodger fan. Now, here we are 19 years later, and the rival Arizona Diamondbacks have a pitcher named Brandon Webb who is within two complete game shutouts of breaking Hershiser's major league record of 59 consecutive scoreless innings. The 28-year-old Webb threw his third consecutive shutout last night in defeating the Braves in Atlanta. With the shutout, Webb has now thrown 42 consecutive scoreless innings dating back to July 20th, when he gave up a run in the 6th inning of a game at Wrigley Field in Chicago against the Cubs. During the streak, Webb has lowered his ERA from 3.27 to 2.40... If you just happen to own him on your fantasy team, then he's basically been carrying your entire staff! Being a loyal Dodger fan, I have to say that I hope that Webb stops spinning his zeroes and that he gives up a run in his next two outings. The "Bulldog" was always one of my childhood idols and favorite pitchers growing up, so I really hope his record stays in the books well into this century!


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