Friday, August 17, 2007

NBA Gambling Scandal:Part III

Some breaking news on this from ESPN. And unfortunately this should not come as a surprise to those of us who thought NBA Commissioner David Stern wasn't giving us the full story as to the depth and level of the gambling scandal. Stern throughout has told us that former NBA official Tim Donaghy's involvement was an "isolated event." According to reports, Donaghy, as part of his plea bargain, could be naming up 20 other referees which gambled on and/or influenced the outcome of NBA games.

Just yesterday, I saw interviews of some of the NBA's elite such as LeBron James and it seemed like the vast majority were trying to follow Stern's lead and basically sweep this under the rug. There were signs even yesterday that this was a very incorrect stance to be taking, given that Donaghy had given betting tips on games which specific referees were working. The writing was on the wall.

At this point, I believe Commissioner Stern needs to resign his post in order to save any face he may have left. He has given the public and players false information about this scandal again and again. He needs to come clean and give us the truth, and/or whatever he knows about this awful scandal. In addition to Stern's replacement, I also think that in order for the NBA is to have ANY future as a viable league all of the NBA's current officials need to be temporarily removed (with pay) from their positions. Until we find out which referees are involved, it would be best if officials from the CBA (the NBA's minor leagues) were be used to work all of the games this season until the truth finally comes out. As I earlier feared, the league's future is VERY MUCH at stake now!!!


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