Wednesday, August 1, 2007

NBA Gambling Scandal cont.

I have taken in some ESPNews today and the NBA gambling scandal remains among the top headlines. One revelation that has been brought up now is that no less than three of the casinos that NBA Commissioner David Stern supposedly had investigated in the Tim Donaghy allegations reports that the NBA NEVER contacted them. Given the tone in Stern's news conferenece last week, I'm hardly surprised - and apparently neither is the rest of the public.

No one knows for sure what exactly transpired in those casinos, but one thing is VERY clear - the American public thinks commissioner Stern is covering something up, overwhelmingly believing that Tim Donaghy is NOT the only official involved. Go to this link here and examine the results:

Do You believe Tim Donaghy is the only NBA official involved in gambling??

27,834 votes had been cast as of 3:20 PM ET/12:20 PM PT 8/1/07...

Yes: 21%
No: 79%

I REALLY have a bad feeling about this whole thing, and given how much joy the NBA and especially the Los Angeles Lakers championship teams brought me growing up, it TRULY saddens me to say what I'm about to. I now think the NBA's future viability as a league is in some VERY SERIOUS doubt now. A widespread gambling scandal amongst the officials could destroy the league, and commissioner Stern knows it. None of us wants to see it, but at this point the possibility that the NBA may no longer be in operation in a short amount of time thanks to this scandal can no
longer be ignored.

For more on the scandal, please visit CBS Sportsline and this article: Fans, refs want the truth... so let's give it to them

**EDIT** Given the amount of interest this particular topic is garnering here, I've posted my first ever poll. How do you feel about these NBA gambling allegations? Please vote and comment if you so feel led. Thanks in advance for your input! ****


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