Friday, August 3, 2007

More 2007 Miss DC Pageant Pics!

I've been playing a lot of catch-up the past couple of weeks, and finally have had a chance to go through all of the pictures from the 2007 Miss District of Columbia pageant and organize them. In the above two pictures, 2007 Miss DC, Shayna Rudd, is pictured with 2006 Miss DC, Kate Michael (left), and fellow competitor Jennifer Corey (right). I've uploaded the best of them here (111 total) on my new flickr account:

2007 Miss DC Pageant Photos

Additionally, I took a video of Kate that night performing her jazz dance to "Fever," - the same performance she used in last year's Miss DC pageant along with this past January's Miss America pageant. You may now view it here:

There are at least three photos of every contestant in both the Miss DC and Miss Teen DC portions of the pageant. I hope you all enjoy them and that you have a GREAT weekend!


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