Friday, August 17, 2007

Nats Acquire Wily Mo Pena

Today the Washington Nationals acquired Wily Mo Pena from the Boston Red Sox for cash and that ubiquitous "player to be named later." This is actually a very good move for the Nats, given that they're sorely in need of a power hitter... Only third-baseman Ryan Zimmerman (18) has more than 11 homers for the Nats to this point in the season. With only 82 home runs as a team, the Nationals rank last in the National League, and next to last in the majors in the category to the Kansas City Royals (78 homers).

At only 25 years of age, Pena has slugged 67 homers in 1262 at bats over the course of his career, which also included a prior stint in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, he's also struck out over a third of the time - 436 times total to be exact... Even with all of the strikeouts though, Pena without a doubt can be a big weapon. If you project his career numbers over a typical season of 600 at bats, you get 32 home runs... Considering only Zimmerman's on pace to hit even half that many homers this year, this will undoubtedly make the Nats more formidable offensively. Expect Nook Logan and Ryan Langerhans to lose playing time with Pena fitting in right after Zimmerman or Dmitri Young in the Nats lineup. Needless to say, if you're in need of a power hitter in your fantasy league, it might be worth your effort to take a chance on Wily Mo!


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