Tuesday, April 3, 2007

"2 For Tuesday" - #2

A short edition of "2 for Tuesday" today - baseball and the new Martina CD dropping are on the dish...


I got a nice "baseball fix" yesterday - watching no less than 7 games. ESPN had three games, and I also saw the Cubs and Braves games on their respective Superstations, along with the Dodgers and Angels on my local L.A. affiliates. It was a rough day for some of my the pitchers that I have on multiple fantasy teams - Derek Lowe of the Dodgers got REALLY roughed up as his sinker wasn't working well. Curt Schilling of the Red Sox didn't have his usual great command. John Patterson of the Nationals wasn't on either. Even the GREAT Johan Santana of the Twins got hit hard, giving up four runs in six innings (at least he got a WIN though).

The new Martina McBride CD entitled "Waking Up Laughing" hits the stores today. There are 11 tracks on the CD including the #3 Country hit "Anyway." Martina is one of my favorite artists - her eyes are also VERY pretty... I can't say there are too many people with eyes that are more blue than hers! As for Martina's new CD, I will be picking it up within the next hour and will give a review of it some time next week.

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