Saturday, October 20, 2007

Schill, Drew Draw Red Sox Even!

Curt Schilling has always been known as a "big game" pitcher, so it wouldn't have surprised anyone for him to step it up tonight in Game six of the American League Championship Series tonight against the Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park. Sure enough, Schilling did his part, limiting the Indians to two runs over seven strong innings.

Who was the big hero offensive tonight for the Sox? Perhaps the unlikeliest of all people: J.D. Drew! As most of you know, Drew had a very disappointing season for the Red Sox, putting up only 11 home runs, 64 RBI's and a .270 batting average after hitting 20 home runs and driving in 100 for the Dodgers in 2006. Drew gave the Red Sox all of the offense they would need in the first inning tonight, slamming a 3-1 fastball off of Fausto Carmona into the center field stands for a Grand Slam. The Red Sox would not look back, erupting for six more runs in the third inning to build an insurmountable 10-1 lead. Javier Lopez and Eric Gagne each pitched a scoreless inning to close out the game as the Red Sox ended up winning by a 12-2 score... You know the rest - Game 7 will be on your local Fox affiliate at 8:07 ET/5:07 PT tomorrow night! And one more time... GO SOX!!!


Yakyuu Shonen said...

That was a fun-filled game, er, considering I wanted the Red Sox to win it was fun-filled. There was exciting hitting, fielding (Cleveland does have some good defense), baserunning antics, and pitching. I'm glad Schilling was able to maintain his awesome postseason record. It was Javier Lopez, not Okajima, who pitched in releif before Gagne, though Okajima was warming up for a long time, it seemed. Hopefully, Okajima, Timlin (who also warmed up, I think), and Papelbon will be ready for relief tonight, as apparently, so will Beckett. Let's hope the bottom half of the lineup keeps hitting, and the top half does what they've been doing the whole time. Go Red Sox!

Lil Jimmy said...

Go Sox. That was a great game. The bits and pieces I saw were great. I had 2 shows last night. I was happy I caught the Drew HR. Since you are a baseball guru. Do you think the Sox have a good chance tonight? How did you get to know so much about baseball and football. Are you in the biz?

As always don't forget Monster Rain is available on DVD as well. Had a great set last night too. The ladies went nuts for the rusty trombones.


John C said...

Yakyuu: Thanks for catching that error of mine... In my excitement, I somehow put Okajima's name in there instead of Lopez'. I have corrected it.

lil jimmy: I'm not actually in the biz, though I am doing some freelance writing at the moment. I watch a lot, read a lot and study a lot. If it turns into something more, I wouldn't mind at all though. :)