Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No Computer, No Problem... NOT!

I think I truly discovered today just how tied to this computer and internet I really am... I got up early this morning so I could get to Target first thing in the morning to pick up the new Carrie Underwood album, Carnival Ride. Thanks to the horrible fires around here, traffic was a lot worse than usual on the 101 freeway, so it took me forever to get back home. Just long enough so that I completely missed Carrie's performances on Good Morning America today.

Thankfully, friends on Carrie's official site CarrieUnderwood.fm ALWAYS make sure that we don't miss a thing. There is no one who does a better job of keeping up with all of Carrie's appearances than my friend Vinman. All of us just marvel at the job Vinman does in capturing audios, videos and all other sorts of "Carrie media." In the back of my mind, I knew that if I somehow missed Carrie's GMA TV appearance today that there will be a nice HQ video of it on Vinman's site... I think I say the following at least twice a day. Thank you, Vinman! You Rock!

As for the rest of my day, I'd hardly call it fun or eventful... when I got back home from Target, I discovered my computer wasn't working!! I tried all of the normal troubleshooting and nothing worked for almost two hours. Rather than wait online forever and a day for tech support, I decided instead to leave... I went to the gym and got in a good workout, and then took care of a couple of other things. I then decided to head over to my family's place where I could use my sister's computer... thankfully, it was working, though a few of my favorite sites could not be accessed from there. I spent most of the afternoon, like the past two days, watching coverage of the raging forest fires here in Southern California. Thankfully, the winds have finally died down some, and things are looking a little better in efforts to contain the fires. At last last count well over 1,000 homes had been lost here. Just very tragic. Please continue to keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.

I got back home right around six tonight and noticed while driving back, the sun perched behind some smoke layers, so I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots... they turned out pretty spectacular actually...

I made some dinner and then called Time Warner's tech support. I spent nearly an hour and 15 minutes on the phone with them, but finally, about 30 minutes ago, I got my computer back... I think I would have gone crazy if I had been without it for much longer.


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