Friday, October 5, 2007

Local Hero Jones Takes A Fall

All I can say is this is just really sad to see... Marion Jones was perhaps the most famous athlete to grow up in my hometown of Thousand Oaks, California. With three gold medals and two bronze ones in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, she had reached the pinnacle of success in the sporting world. Sadly, Jones admitted in a Washington Post article today that she took a substance known as "the clear." Baseball players Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield have already admitted to taking this powerful steroid, and Barry Bonds also is thought to have used it.

At one time, Jones was making a seven-figure income annually in endorsements. Today she is broke. If found guilty what she's accused of, she could spend a good amount of time in prison and more than likely will be forced to give back the five medals she won in the Olympics.

One can only hope that Jones and others can learn from this experience. As the old saying goes, "cheaters never prosper."


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lil jimmy said...

I am SHOCKED at this story. I remember seeing her on 20/20. She kept saying over and over again she was innocent. She should have to give her medals back. She should also have to give the corporations that sponsored her money back as well. because if she doesn't. This cheater did prosper. She prospered financially.

Shame Shame Marion Jones.