Saturday, September 1, 2007

TOBY KEITH concert

We all arrived at the concert venue right around 6:45pm... Since we had VIP passes, we were able to all get a good dinner right before the start of the show. It was very hot and very humid - we drove through areas where it was as warm as 113 degrees on the way! Flynnville Train opened up at just a little before 7:45pm and played a very short 15 minute set of I believe four songs...

The very spunky Miranda Lambert took to it right about 8:05, putting on a forty minute show. Miranda was very animated and full of energy, peforming songs mostly off of her new "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" CD. She performed the title track from the CD along with her current hit "Famous In A Small Town". The highlight of the night though was definitely her breakthrough hit, "Kerosene."


A forty minute intermission gave us all time to chat and stretch... just before 9:30, The "Big Dog Daddy" himself took the stage with a rousing rendition of his song "Who's Your Daddy." Toby made sure the crowd was involved in the show right away, with machines showering the audience in confetti. He closed the nearly two hour show showering the audience in confetti of red, white and blue... For those of you that don't know, Mr. Keith is very patriotic, though he does have some interesting viewpoints on a few things.

Out of all of the Country concerts I've been to, I don't think there's ever been one as loud and raucous as this one was... and with good reason as the predominantly white-collar audience Toby attracts can very much relate to his songs. There were many highlights to the night including his early hits like "Should Have Been A Cowboy" and "A Little Less Talk, A Lot More" action all the way to songs from his current album including the hits "High Maintenance Woman" and "Love Me If You Can."

In addition to patriotism, one of the main themes in Toby's music is drinking... several times he encouraged the audience to "Get Drunk and Be Somebody," as he sung his hit song of that name. He also performed his hits "Whiskey Girl" and "I Love This Bar." Since it was a Friday night, it indeed was a very appropriate time for these songs! Several times, they flashed images of various members of the audience proudly holding their cups of beer.

During the show there was one moment I did take issue with... and that was when he performed his song called "Weed With Willie." Toby met Willie Nelson during the Farm-Aid tour back in the 1990's and as you can probably guess from the song title, smoked with him. Personally, I would have much rather had him sing a couple of his recent hits that he didn't do, such as "Big Blue Note" or the clever "A Little Too Late."

After that foray though, came the incredible finale and celebration of

patriotism. Toby closed the show with his hits "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" and "American Soldier."All the while strumming his red, white and blue guitar and showering the audience with confetti of those same patriotic colors... All in all, it was quite the performance, one that I will not soon forget.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read your review adn see your photos. Sounds like you had a rockin good time.

Anonymous said...

hey john...this is the first time im leaving u a comment over here. i hope it works. sounds like you had an amazing nite at the concert. i didnt know miranda lambert was there too. i saw her last year at the state fair here in my hometown..and u are right..she sure does put alot of energy into her show. she was great. im glad that u had a great time and thanks for sharing your nite w/us and for posting your pictures. you rock!

Anonymous said...

Hey John,

Thanks so much for the review and the pics.