Thursday, September 20, 2007

No Hawpe To Dodgers' Step

While a few friends and I were out belatedly celebrating my good Dave Gomberg's birthday at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, where we all stuffed ourselves with some great food and some of their world-famous chocolate chunk pizookie for dessert, the Los Angeles Dodgers once again were faced with a must win game against the Colorado Rockies. One of the great things about BJ's is that the restaurant is filled with video screens showing the various sporting events going on. I had a perfect view of last night's Dodgers game and things were looking pretty good. Despite two homers by Matt Holliday, the Dodgers held a 5-4 lead through six innings. Matt Loney continued his hot hitting for the Dodgers, driving in three runs with a pair of singles and a ground out. For the second night in a row, the Dodger bullpen was entrusted to protect a lead, and just like the previous night, Jonathan Broxton gave up a two-run homer in the 8th inning. The only differences being it was by Brad Hawpe and not Ryan Spilborghs and this one actually gave the Rockies a one run lead going into the ninth. Todd Helton had ended the previous game with a walk-off home run off of closer Takeshi Saito. Manny Corpas pitched a scoreless ninth for the Rockies to give them the improbable 6-5 win. For the Dodgers it was their fourth straight loss, and dropped them 5 1/2 games behind the San Diego Padres for the N.L. Wild Card spot. Just five days ago, the Dodgers were only 1 1/2 games out of the Wild Card slot. For all intents and purposes, you can just about stick a fork in the Dodgers' 2007 playoff hopes.


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