Thursday, June 7, 2007

Brad Paisley at the Ryman

While waiting in line to enter Carrie Underwood's fanclub party on Tuesday afternoon, my friend Lisa (carrieluver83) and I started talking about Brad Paisley and how he was performing songs from his new album the next afternoon at the Ryman Auditorium. Jeff, being a Brad Paisley fanclub member purchased a ticket for himself, but no others... of course, by the time that Reggie and I knew we were going to Nashville, it was too late to purchase additional tickets for friends... Reggie and I were resigned to the fact that we wouldn't be seeing Brad perform... As it turned out, we got a REALLY nice surprise as Lisa had two extra tickets to the event!!! Yes, we were going to see Brad perform!

Brad had a couple of the legends from the previous night come up first and perform with him - Porter Waggoner and Bill Anderson. Brad then sung a set of ten or so songs including his current smash hit, the tongue-in-cheek "Ticks." Brad sounded great and interacted with the audience like the seasoned pro he is. As this was an event where only his fanclub members were allowed to purchase tickets, the audience was fairly small (perhaps 750 people).

The most touching moment of the show? Just before closing, a young boy came up to the stage with a little cutout of a green goldfish and started singing on stage with Brad. For five minutes, that kid had the time of his life! It was great to be at such an intimate setting to see one of Country's biggest stars... I look forward to returning to Nashville again really soon!

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