Friday, May 4, 2007

Warriors stun Mavericks

After posting a 67-15 regular season record, the Dallas Mavericks were favored by most to win the 2006-2007 NBA title... During the regular season, the Golden State Warriors had a 42-40 record, barely sneaking into the playoffs... a 111-82 victory on April 17th against Dallas in their next to last regular season game, sent the Mavericks a message - one they wouldn't ever recover from. The Warriors had complete control of the series, and last night they completely ROUTED the Mavericks by a 111-86 score.

Just how did this happen? I think it was simply a matchup problem for the Mavericks - their team simply didn't seem to be able to control the Warriors inside/outside game. The loss was a historic one for the Mavericks - no team with a comparable regular season record has ever been knocked out so early in the playoffs... I'd be willing to bet that the ubilquitous Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is just scratching his head right now wondering what went wrong. Knowing how Cuban works, you can bet he's probably working on fixing things already...


Have any of you noticed a few of my "buy low" baseball guys starting to wake up??? Gary Sheffield went 4 for 4 the other night with a homer, Mark Teixiera homered yesterday and Manny Ramirez hit two bombs for the Bo-Sox last night! The window is closing on getting these guys cheap... make your trade offers NOW before it's too late...

While on the fantasy baseball front, I will let you all know that I did the almost unthinkable and moved Alex Rodriguez for Johan Santana. If you look at the league standings (I'm the Waves, by the way), you'll soon see why I did this:

Team                    BA    HR RBI   R   SB   K   ERA   WHIP  W  S Total
California Waves .2876 80 248 235 27 209 3.602 1.300 11 23 76.0
Bottom Feeders   .2888 48 209 199 19 205 3.857 1.242 18 17 76.5

Incredibly, I have 32 homers, 39 RBI and 36 runs scored than the next guy in those departments... with Chipper Jones and Vladimir Guerrero as other cornerstones, A-Rod was moveable. My only real weakness in the league is strikeouts and wins, and with Johan Santana I now have the best pitcher in baseball to help improve my standing and hopefully claim that $600 prize in five more months!!!


A big golf tournament is happening in North Carolina this weekend in the Wachovia Championship. All of the big names are there - Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh, Ernie Els, and 2007 Masters champ . Needless to say, this will be a good thing to be watching this weekend while I have some free time... Early in the 2nd round, as I write this, Singh and Padrig Harrington are tied for the lead at six under par, while Woods lurks just two strokes back and Mickelson sits another stroke back at three under. The Golf Channel will have coverage today and beginning at 3pm ET/12pm PT on Saturday on CBS.

Speaking of golf, I will be doing just that this coming Monday. I'm participating in a charity golf event which will benefit Eternity Bible College in my neighboring community of Simi Valley, California. Although I used to golf practically every week a few years ago, it's been awhile since I picked up the clubs... To tune up my game, I'll be practicing this weekend at the local driving range - only a mile from my home. Hopefully, I won't embarrass myself too much out there! Pictures to come!

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