Saturday, May 19, 2007

Interleague Madness!

Well, it's finally here... the first of the much anticipated interleague games between the American and National League teams. After giving a friend of mine a ride home from the car dealership where she dropped her car off, I got home just in time to watch first of the three games in the "Freeway Series" between the two teams of Los Angeles - The Dodgers and Angels. The Angels were the home team and Ervin Santana was pitching... If you know about Ervin Santana, then you probably know where I'm leading with this. If not, please check out my April 11th column Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and "Frenchy" where I discuss Santana's crazy home and road splits and the Atlanta Braves' Jeff Francoeur... Last night, Santana had his typical good home outing, giving up one run and six hits in six innings of a 9-1 Angel win over Brad Penny and the Dodgers. Penny was leading the league in ERA going into last night, but if you read my Buy Low, Sell High entry from May 2nd, you would have already known that he was pitching over his head and that a correction was coming. Before giving up eight earned runs in five innings last night, Penny's ERA stood at 1.39. After last night's meltdown it now stands at 2.54.

Speaking of that "Sell High" list, look at what B.J. Upton has done since I made my recommendation: He went 5 for 11 in the three games immediately afterwards, but in the 12 games since then, he's been 8 for 48 (.167) with two homers and five RBI's. That batting average which sat at .377 is now down to .309! Needless to say, he will be a tough sell now, especially since he is striking out even more now than when he was hot. Unlike Upton, Alex Rodriguez will never be a tough sell, but he was on that "Sell High" list as well. Since then, he is only 12 for 58 (.207) with one homer and five RBI's. A-Rod is actually showing better plate discipline than he was earlier in the season, but it also appears pitchers just aren't giving him much to hit. Expect for him to break out of his slump soon!


In the NBA, the conference finals are set as the San Antonio Spurs will be facing the Utah Jazz in the West and the Cleveland Cavaliers will take on the Detroit Pistons in the East. I'll probably be pulling for the Spurs in the West as ex-Laker hero Robert Horry is on their team. I do like and respect a lot of players on the Jazz team as well, most notably another ex-Laker Derek Fisher who has been a real trooper through some very tough personal stuff with his one year-old daughter. As for the East, I'll take the Cavaliers and LeBron James. We will just say that I'm not a Pistons fan - this dates way back to the late 80's/early 90's when they faced my Lakers in the finals. Heck, I even like the rival Boston Celtics more than the Pistons!!!


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