Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Friend's Trip To DC

As a few of you know, one of my friends and co-workers (Teresa) went to DC on a business trip this past week. Yesterday was her first day back at work - surprisingly she didn't seem to be suffering from any jet lag... Needless to say we all had a lot of questions for her about the trip. Once she got to DC this past Thursday, she got her schedule, and it was almost all planned out for her - meetings were scheduled for almost her entire stay there. From morning to night, she was pretty much stuck within the confines of her hotel on the Hill - the Holiday Inn.

Teresa did get about three hours worth of freedom on Sunday, so she was able to do a little sight seeing. She spent most of her free time visting such landmarks as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument - she had some nice pictures of both to show me which she had taken with her cellphone. I'm hoping to post a few of those there in the next few days. After being confined to her hotel room for the better part of four days, her one night out ended up being spent at the Dubliner - an Irish Pub located on "F" Street by Union Station... She said her and her traveling companions had a jolly good time... too bad that business trip couldn't have been a week earlier so she could have celebrated St. Patrick's Day!

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