Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Revisiting Instant Replay in MLB...

This past Sunday, Carlos Delgado of the New York Mets lost a home run in a game against the Yankees thanks to an incorrect reversal of a previously correct call. Delgado's ball glanced off the foul pole and was originally called a home run by one of the umpires. The umpires then conferenced and reversed the call! Replays of the blown call were shown repeatedly on ESPN's Sportscenter that night.

Tonight, it happened again!!! And it was another game involving the Yankees. Alex Rodriguez should have had two home runs in tonight's game against the Baltimore Orioles, but the umpire ruled that one of them bounced off the wall and not a yellow staircase over the fence in right field. A-Rod wound up with a "double."

While neither blown call ultimately affected the outcome of the games, what happens when it does? And what about us fantasy leaguers? If you lose out in the home run category by two homers this year and you had A-Rod and Delgado in your lineup for those dingers, could you sue Major League Baseball if you were in a money league? Perhaps...

And let's not EVER forget the 2005 American League Championship Series game when the Chicago White Sox were incorrectly given a fourth out late in a game against the Los Angeles Angels? The White Sox rallied in that game as a result. The Angels lost all of their momentum in the series with that play and they never were heard from again while the White Sox parlayed that blown call into a World Series title. The time for instant replay in Major League Baseball is now... and in reality, that NOW has been for a long time!!!


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Amy Durfy said...

Some very good points are made here that definitely warrant further discussion. Some questions to ask:

-Why hasn't instant replay been used until now?
-How can those objections be overcome?
-How will instant replay benefit the MLB, the game, the players?