Saturday, May 3, 2008

Replacing Tulowitski & J-Roll?

The 2008 baseball season has had it's normal share of injuries to star players. As most of you know, A-Rod has been out of action for a bit now and there's really no way to replace the 2007 AL MVP on your fantasy team - you have to just take your lumps and try to survive being without him.

Another guy who had a great season in 2007 was the Colorado Rockies' Troy Tulowitski. 24 home runs, 99 RBI's, 104 runs scored, seven steals and a .291 batting average. Some very nice production from the shortstop position. "Tulo" went down this week and will miss 6-8 weeks with a groin injury, so he's rendered useless and unrosterable in leagues that don't have a DL slot. In most 5x5 10 team leagues, he went around the 50th spot on average. I felt very fortunate to land him at #60 in one of my leagues. Now that he's down, I need to replace him. There are some decent options out there and actually I did manage to grab the Red Sox Julio Lugo as a fill-in for now.

In another league where I've lost Jimmy Rollins for a bit (he may be back in another week or two), the Chicago Cubs' Ryan Theriot has done well as his replacement. However, the more experienced Edgar Renteria is now also available in that league. I'm thinking of making the switch, but am not sure if I should. What do you think? Please vote in my poll, and give me your thoughts if you feel led to. Hopefully, I will make the right move!


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