Tuesday, May 27, 2008

32 Points Down... Yet Hope Springs Eternal!

While four of my five most important fantasy baseball teams are doing very well at the moment (in the top 3 or 4 teams), my one team has been bitten by the injury bug all season long. First Erik Bedard went down... then A-Rod!!, then Troy Tulowitski and finally, Vernon Wells. Yes, four of my top nine picks got injured during the season's first quarter! Not surprisingly, that team sits in 8th place, 32 points out of first! For those of you who play fantasy baseball, you know that is A TON of ground to make up...

Yet why do I have hope? Because the team I've put together is now arguably the best one out of all five of my teams! I've carefully orchestrated a couple of trades where I did have a little excess, landing stars as Derrek Lee, Ryan Zimmerman and Scott Kazmir. I took a chance and picked up a couple of prospects with A LOT of upside in Clayton Kershaw and Jay Bruce. The speculation on both minor leaguers has already started to pay off as they now both are in the majors and off to impressive debuts. I also stashed away Pedro Martinez a couple of weeks ago, and he appears to be ready to pitch again. Four months of Pedro? Well, I'd be happy with three at this point, and you know just how much he can contribute if you're a fantasy leaguer.

Here's the team I've put together...

C: Soto, Olivo
1B: D. Lee
2B: B. Roberts
3B: A-Rod
SS: Theriot
OF: C. Lee, Dye, Hunter, Ankiel, Bruce
U: Teixiera, Zimmerman
SP: Vazquez, Kazmir, Bedard, Billingsley, Kershaw, Lowe, Pedro Martinez
CL: Sherill, Ryan, B. Wilson, Franklin

I have power, I have speed, I have good starting pitching and passable relievers - I actually lead this league in saves with this staff... as long as I can stay relatively injury free, I like this team and it's chances!


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