Friday, May 2, 2008

One Month In...

Well, we're a month into the baseball season now, and if you're a fantasy player it's time to start making evaluations of your teams and players and start addressing the weaknesses of your teams and making them better through trades or free agent pickups.

As for me, I'm pretty happy with the results so far in my five most important 10 team rotisserie leagues. Interestingly, the teams where I went against conventional wisdom and took an ace starting pitcher early (Johan Santana amd Jake Peavy) are both in first place as I write this. As for the other three teams where I have no true "ace," two are in sixth place and one is in eighth.

The above said, it's a very long season. If you're a Justin Upton, Pat Burrell or Rafael Furcal owner, it's probably time to sell high. Conversely, it wouldn't be a bad idea to try and trade for David Ortiz, Carlos Pena and others that have gotten off to a slow start with the bat.

I'll talk more baseball this weekend, time permitting.


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