Thursday, December 27, 2007

R.I.P. Stu Nahan

The sports world lost one of it's great sportscasters yesterday in Stu Nahan. He passed away of cancer at the age of 81. Stu worked for many years in the same NBC Studios in Burbank that my late father did. As a youngster, I still always remember looking forward to the local news segment on Channel 4 and Stu's sportscasts around 5:20-ish every evening. Stu was someone who the athletes always looked forward to talking to, and his of humor even made the tightest of athletes want to open up.

Stu was not only a local icon, he was very well known nationwide. Stu appeared in over 30 movies including the 80's classic movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High. He was also the play-by-play announcer in all six Rocky films.

Memorial services for Stu are pending. He leaves behind his wife, three children and five grandchildren.



Anonymous said...

when is the stu nahan memorial

John C said...

I read/heard that it's a private service to be held on Wednesday, 1/9/08.