Saturday, December 8, 2007

42nd Channel Islands Harbor Parade of Lights

It's Decemeber, and chances are you're probably pretty busy right about now worrying about who you still need to buy Christmas gifts for. Saturday night was a good chance to rest and relax as my friends Teresa & Heidi had a get-together last night at their home in Oxnard. It's a home which actually faces the Channel Islands Harbor with a balcony that has a perfect view of the harbor and of course, the annual Channel Islands Harbor Parade of Lights! Over 25 boats were out in the harbor and decorated with all kinds of different themes - some seasonal ones and some sea themes, while others were just kind of plain "random" so to speak. The big hit amongst many of those of us there was the "Rock Lobster" boat (below right) which loudly played the B-52's Anthem of the same name.

The parade was only part of the fun as about tifteen or so of us socialized, ate appetizers and even played a game called the "T-Shirt Game." The game actually was pretty interesting, and of course being the competitive person I am, I wanted to win, but alas I only came in 3rd out of the seven of us that played...


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