Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Cash from CBS!

I knew I was going to be getting my cash prize for winning one of the three CBS Sportsline fantasy baseball leagues I competed in this year in the mail soon. Well, I just got today's mail and lo and behold there was my $600 check for winning the one league! And gosh, if Jake Peavy had managed to pitch just decently that final game of the regular season, well I could have won or tied for first in a second league... So close... but hey, I more than doubled my investment so I'm not complaining! Winning cash is so much better than winning t-shirts. Yes, I have a closet full of ESPN t-shirts from the fantasy baseball championships I've won over the years... next year I look forward to competing in even more CBS Sportsline leagues and winning a heck of a lot more CA$H MONEY!!!


1 comment:

Lil Jimmy said...

Congrats. You sir are definitely a Fantasy baseball Guru. Looking forward to your fantasy baseball columns. Im sure I will learn a ton from you. Can't wait to play in a league with you as well. That would be awesome. Being in a league with a Guru.

As always. Dont forget ladies its Wednesday. So you know what that means. WOW