Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Got Carrie??? Got Keith???

Unless you're a Country music fan, or maybe an American Idol fan, you probably would have no idea by the title of this message what the heck I'm talking about... OK, so Country superstars Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban are teaming up to tour the U.S. early next year for 24 dates on their Love Pain & the Whole Crazy Carnival Ride tour, one of which is going to be here in the L.A. area - the Honda Center (formerly known as the Anaheim Pond) to be precise. Carrie was in studio guest for an entire hour this morning on our local Country station, KKGO (Go Country 105 FM)... Although she didn't talk about the pre-sale for the concert which happened today, she talked A LOT about football. Yes, she's a Dallas Cowboys fan and cheers for her friend Tony Romo, and she also likes the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning. However, she's not a Tom Brady or New England Patriots fan - which is good as I'm not one either. By the way, just how did the Pats win that game last night against the Baltimore Ravens? They've been more than lucky the past two weeks in reaching a 12-0 record. If they play a subpar game for a third week in a row at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers, expect the number 13 to not be so lucky for them.

But I digress... the main reason for this post is the pre-sale for the Anaheim concert was at 10 a.m. this morning, and I kid you not I actually had to pay someone $5 to get one of the computers in my break room at work so I could have an opportunity at getting the best possible seats. I got some pretty good seats on the floor, but I was hoping to do better - I actually didn't get logged in until about 10:01 am... argh! After the INCREDIBLE 8th row seats that I scored for Rascal Flatts, I guess I got a little spoiled. Nonetheless, I have many friends that also will be going to the March 13, 2008 show and I know it's gonna be an absolute blast even if I'm not quite as close to the stage as I'd like to be.


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