Monday, July 23, 2007

2007 Miss D.C. Pageant!

I had the great priviledge of attending the 2007 Miss District of Columbia and Miss Teen D.C. pageant this past Saturday at the Bell Multiculural Auditorium. A total of 14 outstanding young women competed for the Miss D.C. title and another four were up for the Miss Teen D.C. crown. Marshawn Evans, 2001 Miss D.C., hosted the event.

Elizabeth Payne, Miss D.C.'s Outstanding Teen 2006 opened with the singing of our National Anthem. The show started with a dance routine led by my friend, 2006 Miss D.C., Kate Michael and all 18 of this year's competitors. It was a very fun and lively routine. The contestants and the judges were then introduced. This was followed by the swimsuit competition. Then came the moment I personally enjoyed the most as Kate then came onstage to perform her jazz dance routine to the song "Fever." - the same routine she had used last year to win the 2006 Miss D.C. title and in the 2007 Miss America pageant. The crowd gave Kate a rousing ovation after her two minute performance!

Following that, Kate interviewed each of the eighteen contestants... The questions had been pre-selected and written by the panel of judges. Then Teri Galvez, Exectutive Director of the Miss D.C. Scholarship Organization, came up to give acknowledgements. Kate was on stage with her, when in a very touching moment, Teri presented Kate with a beautiful framed portrait of herself. Teri then had Kate's parents come on stage and pose with Kate and her portait.

Next came the talent competition, and let me tell you, there was A LOT of talent in this group of girls!!! Every one of the 18 girls gave their all - there were several outstanding vocal performances, a modern dance, a jazz dance, a violinist, a flutist and even a comedic routine amongst the Miss D.C. contestants, while the four Miss Teen D.C. contestants were split between dramatic readings and ballet performances. Every one of the contestants got a much deserved ovation from the audience.

A short fifteen minute or so intermission took place during the talent competition, giving all of us in the audience a chance to mingle and talk with each other. I spent the first part of the intermission with Kate's boyfriend, Bill Dean, and then later had the great pleasure of meeting Kate's parents. Since I'm an avid golf and baseball fan, Kate's father and I soon got to talking about both of those topics... in particular, the British Open that was going on this weekend...

After the intermission, the talent competition finished. Then came another touching moment as a bunch of very young future hopeful Miss D.C.'s came on stage. Kate presented each one of them with a flower and then they made their way back to their seats.

Elizabeth then came on stage to display her amazing voice one final time before giving up her Miss Teen D.C. crown... This was followed by the final competition of the night, the evening wear. The girls all looked simply RADIANT in their outfits!

Following that, Kate then came on stage one last time to reflect on her year as Miss D.C. Kate wore an absolutely STUNNING white dress as the picture to the left will attest! Kate smiled and waved at the crowd, looking beautiful as always!

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for had almost arrived - the crowning of the two Miss D.C.'s... as per usual though, Marshawn had to stall for time and tell some jokes while the votes were being tabulated. Marshawn then had all of the boyfriends of the competitors and reigning Miss D.C.'s come on stage. She taught them some basics on proper footwook and how to turn. Everyone had a lot of fun watching the guys attempt what the girls make look so easy!!!

With that, the votes were tabulated. Kate and Elizabeth rejoined Marshawn on stage for some closing words and then the moment was here - all 18 of the girls came on stage for the judges final decisions.The 2007 Miss Teen D.C. was announced first, and the winner was LaTonya Abrams! I actually met LaTonya, also known as "L.A.," at the Miss D.C. Day at the Nationals two weeks earlier, and she struck me as someone who just might take home the title. She was also extremely nice! Congrats, LaTonya!

Then the big moment came - the crowning of the 2007 Miss District of Columbia... and the winner was Shayna Rudd!!!
Shayna did an outstanding job in every area of the competition and was VERY deserving of the title. Shayna will have some very big shoes to fill in replacing Kate, but judging by what I saw there and what everyone else was saying after the competition I think she will do a great job representing the District in the coming year! For more on the pageant, please go to the official website of Miss District of Columbia at


Following the pageant, I got to spend some more time with Bill and also Kate's parents. We took a couple of pictures and then I was invited to the Play Lounge by Bill and Kate to celebrate with some of Kate's other friends. At the club, I had the great pleasure of also meeting a couple of Kate's closest friends - Pamela Sorenson and "big sister" Victoria Michael. We all had a great time there, celebrating Kate and her year as Miss D.C...


Kate Michael, Miss DC 2006 said...

Great run-down of the show, John - I'm so glad you could come celebrate the culmination of my year with me!
I appreciate your compliments, your support, and as always - your great pictures!

Sonya said...

Thank you so much for coming I wish I had been able to spend a bit of time with you and thank you for all your support of the pageant and Kate.
Hope you can come every year
Sonya Gavankar-McKay
Miss DC 1997

Teri said...

Thanks so much John for attending the Pageant and for being so supportive of Kate. She is the standard by which others will be measured. She has been an amazing Miss DC!