Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nadal beats Federer in Epic Wimbledon final

I have to admit that it's been quite a while since I've really gotten into a tennis match. With "A-Rod" rarely making it to a grand slam final these days, my interest in tennis over the past few years has waned A LOT! Since there weren't any baseball games to be found this morning on TV, I decided to have some "Breakfast at Wimbledon." As it turned out, the finals match today pitting Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer went into my lunchtime and boy was I glad that I tuned in!

The match was truly remarkable as each player hit some remarkable shots under the intense pressure of a worldwide audience... Nadal took the first two sets 6-4, and then the rains took over in the third set. When play resumed a couple of hours later, Federer made a heroic comeback, winning the third set in a 7-5 tiebreaker. The five time defending champ then staved off two match points in the fourth set after being down 5-2. Federer came back to win that set in a second tiebreaker by a 10-8 score.

The fifth and final set was epic as well. The rains came again to further extend it. The players both held their serves though the first 14 games. Nadal finally broke through in the 15th game to take an 8-7 lead (there is no tie-breaker in the fifth set). Nadal then held his serve to capture the championship in the longest match in Wimbledon finals history - four hours and 48 minutes. What a match! You can't really say there was a loser today as both players were champions in every sense of the word. Well done, and congrats to Nadal on winning his first Wimbledon!


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