Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Becomes 44th U.S. President

Whether you voted for him or not, today was a very special day for our great nation and one Barack Obama. Outgoing President George W. Bush passed the torch to America's now 44th President at noon today. A record crowd of an estimated 1.8 million people crowded Washington D.C. to see the inauguration.

As our Country enters a new era, let us pray for outgoing President Bush, new President Obama, and most importantly, our nation. I do wish the very best for our new President and sincerely hope that our nation propsers these next four years under his leadership.


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Daniel said...

The nation and the rest of the world too. You know how both things are inextricably linked.
And yet, hoping that even a good chunk of the most pressing issues are resolved in just one term is unrealistic.